Christine Hayter is an East Sussex based photographer.
Originally from the seaside town of Eastbourne, Christine worked in London for 10 years.
She has worked with celebrities, international fashion brands and publications and has covered prestigious events such as the MOJO awards and London Fashion Week.

“Wow! Working with Christine is fabulous. She understands a brief and puts it to work, taking every detail into consideration, enabling a stress free and fun shoot to prevail. In control at all times without being pushy, she is a marvel to work with. I will definitely use her again. Her knowledge of the industry is invaluable!!”

“Her “can do” attitude is most evident in her photography, where no effort is too great in the pursuit of her vision. She is very receptive to new ideas and ways of working. The fact that she has “held her own” in a professional arena is a real testament to her technical skills and personal qualities.”